Revolutionize In Vitro Fertilization using the power of AI


Embryonics is optimizing the field of IVF with machine learning algorithms and AI software solutions. IVF is a long and painful process. Yet, it is the only hope for millions of people around the globe who face fertility issues. Our AI driven process saves time, money, and most importantly, emotional and physical turmoil by identifying the key steps to be optimized with state of the art technology.

Data and Expertise

Each year, over five million IVF cycles take place worldwide, with an unremarkable success rate. Our innovative technology has the power to disrupt the field, increasing success rates and lower costs and side effects.


In cooperation with some of the biggest IVF centers in the world, Embryonics uses mass amounts of data to create a cutting-edge network and provide a reliable system to monitor and select embryos. These personalized deep analyses down to chromosomal level result in a much higher IVF success rate.


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