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Ubar: Next Generation
Embryo Selection

Get embryo grading and implantation probability, powered by machine learning, confirmed by you, the expert.

Ubar Is A Decision Support Tool For IVF Clinics

Today, Ubar is making the process of embryo selection easier. Over time, its mission is to improve implantation and live birth success rates.

Ubar analyzes embryo imaging files using machine learning for the automated assessment of early embryonic development.

Ubar uses actual implantation outcome data to provide the user with an implantation probability grade for each embryo.

Ubar displays results in a simple and quick interface to help IVF experts decide how to proceed with
each embryo.

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Ubar Early Access FAQ

About Embryonics:
Embryonics is developing data-driven solutions to improve the clinical success rates of fertility treatments and shorten the journey to a healthy baby. Learn more about Embryonics here.

How does Ubar use Machine Learning?
Ubar is a machine learning-based software that was trained on embryo imaging files from around the world. The model generates an implantation probability prediction, the final grade is selected by the embryologist.

Will our patient data be secure?
Your data security and privacy is our utmost priority. Your data will not be shared or used without your consent. For more information, contact us.

Will our lab need special equipment?
The simple answer is no. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Now you’re just a few clicks away from completing your first Ubar embryo grading.

What’s required of an early access participant?
We are trying to make Ubar an amazing product for embryologists. We are looking for labs who are willing to use Ubar and help us make it even better by sharing what they think.

Will it cost us any money to participate?
No! The early access 3 month trial period is totally free.

Ubar, Choose Wisely

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